SNIA Swordfish Mockups: Service-Based Configurations
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This mockup contains several different systems with different configurations. These are all reflected under the /StorageServices collection.

This mockup set represents a view of what properties are expected to be to be available to vendors to implement, including class of service implemented through underlying lines of service. Note: The mockups do not include accurate representations of the physical components of this system that would normally be represented under the “chassis” hierarchy.

The "Simple1" mockup  (./redfish/v1/StorageServices/Simple1/), referred to as the “small mockup”, reflects a small storage system that, while instrumenting class of service, does not have the capability to present the user with class of service controls. It is likely a small external RAID array. This service also demonstrates local replication.

The second mockup, (./redfish/v1/StorageServices/1/), reflects a large enterprise block storage system that presents the user with customized class of service controls as the primary way to configure new block storage. It is likely a large external RAID array, set up in a multi-site DR configuration, with thin-provisioning and other advanced storage configuration features enabled. 

The ISC mockup, (./redfish/v1/StorageServices/ISC/), demonstrates a server-attached configuration that instantiates a Storage Service.
The FileService mockup (./redfish/v1/StorageServices/FileService) represents a file server instantiated on top of a block storage system implemented using class of service. Information about the overall file system configuration is in the FileSystem, and individual File Share information is in the FileShare collection.
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