Client Tools
Looking at the mockups
Load JSONView and Advanced REST client plugins to Chrome
The default view you may get when you access the mockups is something like this.  This is unformatted .json.  In order to make sense of this, you will need to add some plug-ins to your browser to format this data for you.  The instructions below provide tools and tips for the Chrome browser.
1. To view properly formatted json out, find and install JSONVIEW Chrome extension

2. Browser should show properly formatted output for Redfish
3. View from Advanced REST Client
The Advanced REST client supports navigating through links. The intention is to create a hypermedia system so anyone should have the ability to navigate through the structure.
NOTE: "Use XHR" should be enabled in the Advanced REST Client.  This may require the installation of the ARC Proxy Extension.
1.       Launch Advanced REST client. Navigate to   /redfish/v1/

2.       In the output section, click on JSON tab
3.       Clicking on /redfish/v1/StorageServices/1/ will insert the string to the URL field
4.       Click on Send to see the results in the window